Welcome to a new  month. I hope the year started on a good note for you. Mine has been interesting  and full of activities. Today, I would be sharing tips on how to reuse old mascara wands. I know how we all get excited about new mascara and discard old ones without a second thought. I’ve thrown away a lot of mascaras that dried out or were not in good conditions anymore. The good news is, even if the mascara is bad the wand can still do a lot of things for you.

Here are seven uses for old mascara wands that you might want to check out!

  1. It can be used as an eyebrow brush
  2. you can use it to comb your lashes into individual lashes of wonders
  3. It can be used to clean bottles
  4. It can also be used to tame flyaway hair
  5. It is useful for unclogging blocked sinks
  6. It can be used to clean jewelry
  7. it can be used to remove clumping mascara from lashes.
And there goes my tips on how to reuse old mascara wands.