We all know that our eyes are the window of our souls maybe that why they are always the first to notice things. Want to look great all the time? Sumptuous eyes are the place to start and these tips would be of great help to you.

Stay hydrated- The key to an impeccable makeup and dazzling eyes starts with a daily moisturizing cream. Before you apply makeup on your face, you should always moisturize your skin, including your eyelids. Adding moisture actually helps prevent oily skin during the day.

Cover up dark circles with a water resistant concealer. It’s best applied after your normal foundation.

When choosing eyeshadow colour, avoid matching it too closely with the colour of your eyes. If you are fair, stay away from dark shades; if you are dark skinned; you can opt for bolder colours but be sure not to overdo it. If your shadow tends to disappear during the day, apply a primer first, it helps the shadow stay all through the day.

For an easy extremely flattering smoky eye, experiment with a bronze. Bronze shadows and liner enhance every eye colour and create a natural, yet sizzling look for an evening outing.

For thick, ravishing eyelashes, start the mascara at the bottom and wiggle the wand in a back and forth motion all the way and outward.

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