The Making of a Bride

Today’s Bride, Vivian is full of life, sassy and has an enchanting smile. She’s a lady to the core, very polite and friendly.She also has such a healthy sense of humour you can’t but laugh at her jokes ,here’s a quick review of the products used on her.

1. Face Primer No 7 Primer from Shadesnsparkles, Vivian has an oily,  So a matted finishing was used.
2. Eye shadow Primer -BMpro ,for a rich and lasting eye shadow
3. Eye shadow – Revealed Eye shadow from Talking Faces,and 3D Dusting Powder from BMpro
4. Eye Brow Cailyn Gelux Gel eyebrow,I must say it’s amazing,it makes your job easier as an Artist,gives a flawless finishing
5. Blush –Blush by 3 Sleek in Pink sprint,the blush comes in 3 tones ,check it out ,it’s so lovely
6. Lips –Used the magical Mac Ruby woo,then used Lips gel from Beauty cook for the inner lips
7. Bronzer –Jioney from Talking faces
8. Setting Powder by Camouflage
9. Foundation -Camouflage Makeup Art,.
10. Powder -@houseoftara Powder pallet

There you have it! We would be having a lot of product review in the coming weeks and month,if you have any product for us to review,call 08023162390, and if you have questions send them as comment on the blog.
It’s going to be Fun packed,you don’t want to miss any review. You-tube video on how to tye various beautiful gele styles effortlessly is coming on, just stay tune.