Master The Art Of Poise And Elegance With These 8 Tips

Poise and elegance is about turning on your CHARM, beyond your make-up or what you have on, it’s important to equally be as charming as your looks, one thing apart from good looks that attracts people to President Obama, Oprah, our own RMD, Is their irresistible charm. 

Charm, according to Webster’s Dictionary is a trait that fascinates, allures or delights or a physical grace.


  1. SUNNY SMILES –Nothing welcomes or draws people to you faster than a smile. A smile’s says “I like you“ and is always radiate warmth and put others at ease.
  1. LISTEN CAREFULLY- You can be marked out as someone special if you develop good listening skills. Which involves basic etiquette, like looking someone in the eyes (do not stare, though!) Give the other person your undivided attention and try not to interrupt too often when they are talking. A simple sure –fire way to make people enjoy talking to you is asking them about themselves- a subject everyone finds irresistible!
  1. ACT CONFIDENTLY:- No one like a wimp who isn’t sure of himself/herself. Learn to appropriate and promote your strengths and accept your witnesses or you will never be able to do the same for others. A confident posture on the other hand convinces others that you have self esteem. Hold your head up high to show the world that you are happy and content. Then walk with unfaltering steps and avoid nervous habits such as fidgeting with your hair, clutching your fingers, and shading your mouth with your hands.
  1. EYE CONTACT:- This point is an offshoot of confidence but it shows that you are paying attention to the person and attention shows how important a person is.
  1. DRESS SENSE:- Dress the way you want to be addressed, people false impressions based on appearances and gravitate more towards people that make an effort to look good. You don’t have to spend a million on packaging yourself, just make sure your clothes are neat and your skin, hair and nails are well kept.
  1. GREAT PERSONALITY:- Collins English Dictionary refers to personality as those qualities that makes a person interesting or popular. Make people feel great about themselves, treat people with courtesy and be welcoming. Never withhold a sincere compliment from its due owner and always seek to do things for people without necessaries expecting things in return and you are on your way to becoming a charm guru.
  1. BE TACTFULLY- Honesty and candour…great to win people”s trust but tact(knowing what to say and how to say it) will draw people to you and keep them long enough to decide if they want to have any dealings with you or not.

So today turn on your Charm with these little rules and you would RULE your WORLD!

Drop your comment if you have other charming rules that work for you.