Am sure you have been finding our various topics educative, many have been asking us on the proper way to apply Concealer, in this edition we would be handling proper Concealer application.
Nasty spots circles under the eyes make your skin look tired and run down. Here’s how to beat them.

1 Don’t pick the blemish .Wet pimples go crusty and cant be concealed. To reduce inflammation, apply a small amount of blemish treatment containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid. Lavender, or tree oil, leave it to sink in then blot any excess.
2.Apply concealer in the same shade as your foundation directly onto the blemish(use a wand or brush if you wish).Using your fingers blend outward from center .Do not just rub the concealer over the blemish; This dilutes the coverage exactly where it’s needed the most.

1. Use a concealer just one shade darker than your foundation .Apply to the puffy part of the bag this will make it appear to recede.
2 Now take a lighter concealer and apply this in the crease at the base of the bag, blending well. This brings that part of the eye “forward” and balance out the area.Powder over the whole thing.

1 After you’ve applied foundation, get into bright or (preferably) natural light. Now tilt your chin down while looking into the mirror
2. Apply three are four dots of concealer at the lower edge of the dark circles where it meets your cheek, starting these dots at the inside of your nose and moving to about three-quarters of the way along the eye.
3. Now use your middle finger to blend these dots upward, and downward until the circles is corner of the eye, as anything heavy here will tend to accentuate lines and wrinkles.

1. Moisturize the skin well. For this look to work, you have to glowing skin underneath.
2. Don’t forget to use an eye cream on the eye area. This can be very dry and the skin wont absorbs the concealer properly.
3. Finally, dab concealer on the nose and around and the nostrils where most skin is red. Blend this well into the cheeks. Brush with loose powder; now apply blusher.