Bridal Gele – By Ojulewa

The African Wrap date back to centuries ago, then it was a symbol of wealth,any woman wearing it must be from a prestigious family.
The Headgear ‘Gele’ turns a plain Jane to an African Princess instantly ,we have a variety of African Headgears, depending on the Bride’s tribe,her personality and her facial structure.
The African headdress is part of fashion, you make a statement each time you step out ,it’s part of our culture ,we have a very rich heritage as African ,which we should be proud of. We need to show case this African wraps to the outside world.
We have various Bridal Head wraps “Gele” for the Traditional wedding in the Nigeria setting from which a Bride can consider;Various Gele styles a Bride can rock for her Wedding –
1) The Butterfly Gele is the most common Bridal Gele-it is skillfully wrapped round with pleats in front ends with the two ends wings .

2) Ayaba Gele means ‘King’s Wife’ the gele is truly queenly, with the pleat coming forward with a beautiful knot.

3) Ice cream Head wrap is also called the Onilegogoro gele,or high scraper is fuller,better for a size-plus bride,to complement her physically. it’s a very dramatic butterfly gele that is wider at the tail end of the headgear,you can make it less dramatic by reducing the height of the gele.

4) Abebe Gele is a beautiful symmetry laid out layers, tapering to one-side of the Bride’s head,it’s less dramatic and therefore supports most face shapes,so have fun!

5) Oleku headgear is high and deep,if you’re short it helps to create an illusion of a taller you. The Oleku dates back to the 70s but it’s been reinvented and it’s back with a bang,for the daring bride.

6) Double Gele -This mostly worn by the Urhobo speaking part of Nigeria,Africa(Delta State). This is a major Bridal gele,two complementary colour of gele is used to achieve this double gele.The layering helps the end result appear more subtle .Other tribes are now experimenting this head wrap because of it’s uniqueness,  Note:In choosing colour be careful to pick great colours.

7) Take-A-Bow Gele is definitely a charm,it’s subtle but elegant,One of the most beautiful feature is the bow in front of the Headdress. It’s simple but very classy and stylish,good for the bride’s after party.

while we have almost 20 headwraps, It’s important for every bride to identify a particular gele best fit for her head shape and her personality. My advice to bride-to-be is to choose a colour of gele that would warm up to her skin ,also to have a trial gele session with her make-up artist.

Have fun as you chose the most eye-catching and exciting Gele style for yourself as a Bride. Wear it, own it,it’s your DAY, Enjoy your Big Day!

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