Amazing Secrets of Foundation Application

CHOOSE THE RIGHT SHADE: It’s important when choosing a foundation to test it on the skin nearest your jaw line in natural light. This way you’ll ensure that the foundation tone you choose for your face isn’t a drastic contrast to the tone of your neck.

* Pick three shades that you think are the closest to your skin colour.
* Using a brush,colour a swatch along your jaw line.
* Wait for a couple of minutes for the foundation to dry . The colour will change slightly once the foundation is dry.
* Choose the one that ,matches best with your skin. The colour is correct if it disappears without blending.

APPLY FOUNDATION FROM THE BACK OF YOUR HAND: This is something make-up artists do all the time. Instead of applying make-up straight from the bottle,they put some product on the back of their hand and apply it from there. This keeps the make-up in the bottle cleaner and makes your application faster.

-For the prefect base ,make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. Try to arrange your daily routine such that you apply moisturiser about 20 minutes before foundation. This will allow your skin to absorb the moisturiser before applying foundation. Blot excess moisturiser or foundation will slide off your skin.
Some people like to apply foundation with their fingers, but that’s not always the best option. For a heavier coverage, use a foundation brush which will give you a velvety finish.Try a beauty blender – an egg shaped foam applicator- for a smooth, medium coverage foundation. If you are prone to breakouts, you might want to use a make-up wedge that you can replace each time you use it.
The way foundation makes a big difference. The best technique is to blend thin layers into the skin. The problem areas to focus on when applying foundation will obviously be different for each individual, but majority of women need a little bit of foundation around the centre of the face- round the nose, mouth areas, the chin and the centre of the forehead. These are areas where you often have blemishes or uneven skin tone. If you really focus on these areas and blend out, the foundation will become thinner as it goes towards the hairline, which will help achieve a much more natural finish.
Use powder to keep foundation in place.

Hope you got some tricks on how to apply your foundations right!!