The foundation is a skin coloured makeup that is applied to the face to create a uniform complexion and to help cover up the blemish. It can also be used to alter the shade of a skin. Foundation is meant to create a smooth surface for your makeup to go on.  Finding the right foundation can be terrifying because there are so many brands and formation in the market. This article will guide you on how to choose the best foundation for your skin.




There are many specialised versions including oil free, oil based, waterproof and even 24- hours. Many people love the liquid foundation because it’s easy to apply and readily available in every drug store.  The liquid foundation provides a heavier coverage and it’s formulated for normal to dry skin.

CREAM TO POWDER FOUNDATIONmark-Cream-to-Powder-Foundation-4

You will find aa cream to powder makeup in compacts that look like powder or in tubes or bottles. It makes a great foundation for women who want on the go portability. It’s basically powder and foundation. It is best for women with oily skin.


These are foundation that comes in stick form. Stick foundations are portable so you never have to worry about spills in your purse or bag. They are perfect for covering up blemishes, scars and dark under eye circles. If you have a dry skin, make sure you apply a moisturiser first because stick foundations can cake up on you.


41YSibtxZVLShimmer foundations contain ingredients that add sparkles to the skin. Buy in a shade lighter than your skin tone and apply only to those areas where you want to achieve brightness: above your brows, on the cheeks and the tip of the nose.



The waterproof foundation is meant to stay longer than usually that’s why it’s the best foundation to apply when the weather is hot. The disadvantage, however, is that you make not be able to remove it with water or cleanser.  This foundation can block pores in your skin.


  • Ask a beautician for help
  • Buy a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly.
  • Stand close to a window so as to get the exact shade you want.
  • You should always match your foundation with your skin type i.e. a liquid foundation for dry skin.
  • Determining what you are trying to hide might be a great step to choosing the right foundation.
  • Before buying a foundation, test it on your jawline. If it blends perfectly then it’s your exact skin tone.