Turban Addict- How to Tie that Turban Gele That You Love

Hello beautiful,

How are you doing? I am still enjoying my tour around the United States of America and I must confess that it has been wonderful. The people over here are hospitable and proud of the Nigerian heritage more than we can imagine. Presently I am in New York and the weather is not so friendly (I can smell Christmas already). Based on the Naija babe wey I be and the fact that I’m are not used to this kinda weather, I have respected myself by wearing a pullover so I don’t get blown away by the cold.


So here is the thing, there’s something new in town and it is called turban. I have gotten so addicted to turbans that I have almost all the colours in my closet. I started using turbans when my hair is a mess and I have to quickly dash out of the house but now, it’s a must-have fashion piece for every lady right now. Turban can be rocked to a party, an outing with friends or even to an official event.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to tie a turban.

  1. Place the scarf on your head and take it all the way to the back
  2. Begin to pleat the scarf but ensure the pleats are not too much
  3. Take one end of the scarf and cross it to the other to create a different look
  4. Pleat the end that you crossed then take it all the way back and pin
  5. Your turban is ready for you to slay

NB: You can add any accessories of your choice like a brooch or a hair fascinator.

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