Tips on How to Style the Oleku Gele

Hello lovelies,

Hope your week was fantastic and you are gearing up to enter an exciting weekend. Last week I went through how to style the Avant Garde gele i.e the African rose, so today I will be sharing tips on how to style the Oleku gele like a Pro. The Oleku gele is a unique style that can be worn when you are not seeking so much attention at an owambe but that doesn’t mean you won’t get stare that you desire and deserve. (I’m sure you know what I mean). The trick to getting a perfect Oleku gele style is to follow the basic rules, the rules are;

Step 1: The first rule is to place your gele in a 90/10 angle meaning the sides shouldn’t equal. The 90 is the longer side while the 10 is the shorter side.

Step 2: The next thing to do is to start pleating from the front to the end.

Step 3: Take the 90 all the way and put it on the 10, continue with the pleating. Make sure the pleats are neat and well-arranged because that’s where the beauty of style is and its shows professionalism.

Step 4: Get to the end of the gele and hold firmly with an office pin. This is to ensure that you are comfortable and not thinking of the gele getting loosed while you are rocking at the owambe.

There you have it; you have successfully styled the Oleku Gele on your own.

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