The Gele Revolution

The Gele Revolution – By Tolu Ojulewa Creative Director Ojulewa Gele Academy
The African Wrap ‘ Gele ‘ started many  years ago, it used to be worn by a particular social circle and status, the African wrap then shows that you are from the Royal family, or you are a married woman….
It symbolised Royalty, a Queen or a Princess….
The ASO OKE, Ankara or Damask is mostly used to make the Gele,  The ASO OKE is called ‘ TOP Cloth ” an hand loomed cloth woven by Yoruba people of Western Nigeria mostly used at special events ,such as wedding,  Chieftancy titles.
The African wrap has gone through several revolution. ..
It started with just the butterfly Pleated all round ,  today we have many times of African wraps for various age groups,  occasions, out fits and events ( watch out for our next write up on what determines the African wrap you were)
The African Wrap Gele is a Master Piece, it has been modernized to suit the up and mobile ladies ,and to meet the need of TODAY’S WOMAN. It’s our pride of Cultural Fashion Statement.
Today we have over 20 Gele styles at Ojulewa Gele Academy created to meet the needs of various personalities, face shaped of women, different events and the Outfit ,be it tradition attire or English..
The Gele is beautiful for ladies that wants to look unique and regal , it also show our rich Culture and fashion as Africans.
Let your African Wrap do the talking, step out in style each time you step out, let your gele make a Fashion STATEMENT.
By Tolu
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