Hey, beauties!!!!

So glad to be back here. It’s been a while I posted something for you all to read and I sincerely apologise for the silence. On the other news, how has your week been? You don’t want to know how my week has been because it has been super busy. Sometimes I feel like 24 hours in a day is too short for me to accomplish all my tasks. ***rolling my eyes***

Now it’s time to gist and gossip. Have your heard that I would be storming the United State of America soon?  **I bet you have**   Well, I am officially announcing that Ojulewa aka #VoiceofGele  would be storming the United State of America with her unique gele styles.

I would be visiting 6 cities in the US and they are New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Dallas, Chicago, Texas, Houston. I began this tour because I saw a need to showcase and flaunt our unique African creativity across the continent. This year the tour is bigger and better because I would be partnering with other African makeup artists abroad.

The good news I am bringing to your table is that you can now register and reserve your seat before the event at a discounted rate.  For pre-register and reservation, See Ojulewa USA Tour.

Date for each MasterClass:
New Jersey: 29th October
Houston: 5th November
Dallas Texas: 12th November
New York: 19th November
Maryland: 26th November
Chicago: 26th November

For further information:
Call: +234 907 2577 860, +234 802 3162 390
WhatsApp: +234 802 3162 390
Email: sales@ojulewa.com

You can also download the mp4 version of my latest gele tutorial here

Please share this post with friends and family till it gets to our brothers and sisters in diaspora.

***Hugs and Kisses***

Voice of Gele