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MAKE-UP The great thing about high definition makeup is that they contain light reflectors and other ingredients to give the skin a flawless finish. This is wonderful when you are taking photographs or working on television, but it is also great for more mature skins. Basically makeup can make your skin not only look flawless,..

Bridal Gele – By Ojulewa

The African Wrap date back to centuries ago, then it was a symbol of wealth,any woman wearing it must be from a prestigious family. The Headgear ‘Gele’ turns a plain Jane to an African Princess instantly ,we have a variety of African Headgears, depending on the Bride’s tribe,her personality and her facial structure. The African..

Anti-Aging Secrets

ANTI- AGING SECRETS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW ,most ladies look older than their actual age,due to inadequate care for their skin and bad eating habits,due to popular demand from fans ,we would be educating our fans on how to age Gracefully,enjoy this piece. 1. USE FISH OIL Before you wrinkle your nose and completely write..


Am sure you have been finding our various topics educative, many have been asking us on the proper way to apply Concealer, in this edition we would be handling proper Concealer application. Nasty spots circles under the eyes make your skin look tired and run down. Here’s how to beat them. COVERING A BLEMISH 1..