Hey, beautiful people!!!

Today I would be talking about going Natural. I know it’s no longer news that 1 of out every 10 lady you meet is either natural or planning to go natural. But it has also come to my notice that a lot of people are interested in going natural but they are confused about how to begin the journey. Here are my tips for embarking on the natural hair journey.

In order to have a successful natural hair journey, you must first understand what the term Natural hair means. The term natural hair is defined as a relaxer-free hair, which is different from chemical-free hair. If you are thinking about going natural there are two ways about it. You either go through the transitioning stage or just have your big chop.

The Transitioning Stage is the way you go if you don’t want to sacrifice your hair length and go natural at once. You can take your time and go natural when you are comfortable with the length of your natural hair that is growing underneath the relaxed hair. I transitioned for 10 months before eventually having my big chop in February. Here is how the process works;

* Stop using relaxing chemical

* Give up all forms of chemical treatments like texturizer and dye etc.

* Avoid heat usage (flat iron, hot comb, hair dryer)

* Frequently deep condition your hair and do protein treatment

* Moisturize your hair with water or water based products daily (Your natural hair needs water to survive)

* Wear protective styles. (This style does not require daily styling and maintenance, hence less strain on your hair).

* Trim your hair periodically till you are comfortable with the length of your hair.

You don’t have to rush into a big chop if you are not comfortable with a low cut. That’s the beauty of this method but if you must go through this path then Patience has to be your watchword.

THE BIG CHOP is for those who are bold enough to rock their hair very low. It is the process of cutting off the relaxed ends of the hair when one decides to stop using chemicals on the hair.

To be continued in the next post update.