Happy Monday!!! Welcome to a brand new week, I hope you had a wonderful weekend?  Mine was full of activities as usual. I had the opportunity of being at the just concluded Lagos Makeup Fair #LMUF5 put together by Pops Concepts. The Makeup Fair Series is the largest gathering of industry practitioners with unique experience and conductive environment for all beauty savvy professionals, makeup artists, vendors and beauty conscious individuals. The event was well attended and I got a chance to meet some of my fans and admirers.

I promised to be back with the concluding part of the natural hair journey and here is it. I would begin by sharing with you reasons you should not be afraid of doing the BIG CHOP. Of course, I know it can be scary to think of yourself with ‘short bushy hair’ but it is easier. Although I transitioned for almost a year before eventually having my big chop but I still maintain my stand that going through the BIG CHOP process is the best thing you can do to yourself. You don’t want to start struggling between two hair textures especially if you are not a very patient person.


  1. It will allow you to discover your hair regimen: Believe me when I tell you that dealing with transitioning hair can be overwhelming and frustrating. I had a fair share of this struggle because it can be very difficult dealing with both relaxed and natural hair textures. But with only your natural hair in your head, you will develop a better understanding of how products actually work for your hair while discovering which products don’t. The simple truth is that the big chop makes it easier for you to understand your hair as it grows.
  2. It will help you see beauty differently: Many of us has been brainwashed into thinking a woman’s hair can only be beautiful if it’s straight and long but you are wrong. The truly beautiful ladies are the ones who have authentic personalities and know that inner beauty is what matters the most. Having your big chop will make you abandon societal views of beauty and create your own definition.


One thing you must understand is that what works for one hair may not work for another. You have to find out what works for your hair and not what other people think is the best. Here is my own regime for caring for my own hair but don’t get discouraged if this routine doesn’t produce the result that you want. It is best to go through the trial and error method till you eventually find the best products and regime for your hair.

  1. Pre-poo your hair with either coconut or olive oil before washing. Pre-poo is simply the act of coating your hair with oil and leaving it on for about an hour before washing.
  2. Wash your hair in parts if your hair is full and thick
  3. Shampoo every two weeks
  4. Deep condition after every wash
  5. Detangle your hair with your fingers or wide tooth comb. Remember patience is key
  6. Air dry hair in large braids. Only use heat if it’s really necessary and important.
  7. Wear protective styles during the week to help you retain moisture and prevent excess breakage
  8. Use a satin /Silk scarf or pillowcase at night. Cotton soaks up all hair product and leaves your hair dry
  9. Don’t be afraid to trip your ends
  10. Try different techniques, products, and tools so that you can learn what works for you best and stick well with it!

I would love to hear from you about how you began you natural hair journey and how you’ve been keeping your hair healthy.

***Hugs and Kisses***