Love for fashion

The majority of us love fashion, in one way or another.
We love the playful new trends that we can experiment with every season. Fashion reveals a part of our personalities before we even say “hello” and it develops and changes as we grow.
The love of fashion start from your hair do, your makeup, your clothes, your accessories,your bags, you shoes, your perfume,etc… Fashion is just your everyday look.
Your love for fashion could be because
1)fashion are entertaining, visually and pleasing.
2)it involves you welcoming new items into your wardrobe
3)love for fashion also involves”money”, no fashion without money.
4)you get new ideas and become inspired through magazines…
5)fashion makes life beautiful
6)the love for fashion allows people of all gender feel good about themselves
7) the love of fashion brings out confidence in you.
I Love Fashion,  We love Fashion