How To Tie The Infinity Ankara Gele

Hello dearest,

Hope your week is going as planned. My week has been busy but wonderful. I am presently at the NYSC Orientation Camp in partnership with Lagos state Government to teach serving corps members the act of makeup.

On the other news, I know that one way or the other you would have noticed the Ankara gele trend and how beautiful the pleats are arranged and you may probably be wondering how an individual is able to wrap 6 yards of Ankara on her head beautifully. Today, I will be sharing with you some tricks on how to effortlessly style the infinity Ankara Gele. All you need to achieve this queenly style is a 6 yards Ankara material.



  1. The first rule for the style is 70/30; this implies that both sides won’t be equal. You can decide which side would be longer than the other.
  2. Start by pleating the Ankara at the front all the way to the end, you can tell someone close to you, to hold one side of the gele so your hands can freely create more pleats.
  3. Make sure the pleat are tiny, because the tinier the pleats, the prettier it’ll look.
  4. After pleating the Ankara to the end, rearrange your pleats properly.
  5. You can now tie it firmly at the back, tucking the shorter one in first.
  6. The next thing is to take the longer one, which is the 70, then do a continuous pleating, starting from where the previous pleats ended.
  7. Pleat it all the way to the end; ensure the pleats are on top of each other.
  8. Keep rolling it, but make sure it’s not too tight or too loose.
  9. Once you are done with pleating and arranging, proceed to tie it firmly again so it doesn’t pull off.
  10. Adjust the pleats again to ensure that they are overlapping beautifully
  11. Your Infinity Ankara Gele is really for you to slay.

The process might be longer than it seems but patience is key when trying to achieve this gele style. Here is how I styled the Infinity Ankara Gele Style for a client. What do you think?


Still need more explanation on this gele style? You can download the #MP4 Version of the tutorial here at a ridiculous price.