How to take care of your makeup tools

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Happy New Year!!! I am sure you all had a nice time during the festive season. I am super excited about what 2017 has in stall for me and I can’t wait to unravel my gifts as the months go by. Today, I want to talk about something that is very important to all of us as women especially makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts; the issue which is how we take care of our makeup tools.
It is disheartening to know that some ladies have never cleaned their makeup tools since the day it was bought. If you look into some ladies makeup purse, you will be irritated by the mess foundation and lipsticks have caused and somehow such individuals are not bothered about it. Do you know dirty makeup tools breeds germs? If you are prone to breakout then you should probably clean your makeup tools regularly. The following are ways you can properly care for your makeup tools to prevent breakouts.
We all know that lipstick is a must have and can easily become a mess if not properly taken care of. After using a lipstick whether you are using a brush to pick up off the stick, or applying directly onto your client lips or yours, spray it heavily with alcohol and wipe it off with a tissue or you can put your lipstick in the freezer overnight to kill germs and bacteria. It is also important that you go around with a sanitizer to wipe to the surface before use.

lipstick-2 lipstick

Brush Cleaner
In terms of brush, there are different types of brand available. So find that one that works for you and it’s within your budget. For me, I prefer something that is quick-drying, due to the numerous clients that comes to my studio. I need to be able to quickly cleanse my brush on the spot. When cleaning with a brush cleaner, hold some tissue paper behind your brush and spray the brush cleaner directly onto the brush. Give it a thorough coating. Then, using the paper towel, draw circular motions with the brush. This removes the excess makeup now “blots” the cleaner or you can swirl your makeup brushes in a DIY mixture of dish soap and olive oil, rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze excess the water out.

Pressed Powder
Pour alcohol into a small spray bottle, and then spritz any pressed powder cosmetics you have to disinfect them.

Eye Shadows
When it comes to shadows, use a tissue and give the top layer a rub-down. Using circular motions, you have to fully remove the top layer of shadow. Treat your products with care and attention and they will last longer and look healthier



For powder products, remove the top layer with a tissue to keep your powder product from being contaminated.

Sanitize makeup pencils by sharpening them each time you are done using it, a spritz of alcohol and sharpening in between applications will comfort you and your clients as well. Do not forget to clean your sharpener each time too.

Makeup bag
Empty out your makeup bag, flip it inside out and use makeup remover wipes to clean inside or better still wash them thoroughly and leave it out in the sun to dry.

Makeup Replacement
Replace your makeup regularly. Especially products developed for the eyes. The general rule is typical to change your mascara and your eyeliner every four to six months. I recommend replacing every four to six weeks. If at any point in time you or a client develops an eye infection like conjunctivitis or pink eye, you should immediately throw away any makeup that has come in contact with your eyes and just start fresh with new products.
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When was the last time you cleaned your makeup tools (be honest)?

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