Different African wraps

 ‘ Gele ‘ their names and Suitability for various occasions

By Tolu Ojulewa Creative Director Ojulewa Gele Academy

The African Wrap Gele is a Masterpiece, it has been modernized to suit the up and mobile ladies ,and to meet the need of TODAY’S WOMAN. It’s our pride of Cultural Fashion Statement. Today we have over 20 Gele styles at Ojulewa Gele Academy created to meet the needs of various personalities, face shaped of women, different events and the Outfit ,be it tradition attire or English.

Names of the Gele

(1.) Ayaba ‘King’s wife gele, very Royal for the extraordinary woman

(2) 1 million pleats Bridal gele , for the bride that wants to stand out on her wedding day

(3) Take a bow gele for the classy Lady that wants a unique African wrap to go with her English wear

(4.) Oleku Gele for the simply woman that still maintains her sense of class

(5) Ice Cream Onilegogoro Gele for the BOLD ladies that love to get the attention of everyone

(6) Iconic Rose Gele – For the stylish woman that wants to stand out from the crowd

(7) ABEBE “Fan’ Gele – it’s for the party guest that wants to look THE PARTY

(8) Double Gele is beautiful for ladies that wants to look unique and regal.

These are some of the master Pieces, to show our rich Culture and fashion as Africans.

Let your African Wrap do the talking, step out in style each time you step out, let your gele make a STATEMENT.

By Tolu Ojulewa , www.OJULEWA.com

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