Diary Series: Houston In A Bit

Hello, beauties!!! How is the weather in Nigeria?

I’m enjoying every bit of my stay here. Last weekend was my New Jersey Master class and It was fun. The participants were super awesome and they made the class quite relaxing for everyone.

I am at the airport at the moment heading to Houston for my next training session. As I stepped into the Airport, the security that checked me in complimented my looks. He laid special emphasis on my lips, eye shadow. After the compliment, I decided that it would be nice to do a review of my lips.

For my lips, I am rocking Smashbox, I particularly love the feel of the lipsticks on my lips. I am sure gonna get a lot for myself even though it’s quite expensive because this lipstick has staying power and goes on smoothly. But when I calculated the equivalent price in Naria, I almost fainted because back home that’s someone’s salary. Something needs to be done fast about our naria fast before someone dies of a heart attack as they shop.

I am super excited about the Houston and Dallas Class, I don’t know why in particular but maybe it’s because New Jersey was so much fun so I am kinda anticipating recreating the same experience.

I will have to leave to continue some other time but as usual, I will leave you with this: Remember to Laugh, smile and enjoy every minute, let nobody or anything steal your Joy, you are Royalty. Your identity is in Christ. You are too loaded to be stranded.


***Hugs and Kisses***