Diary Series: Living For A Purpose

Hello, beauties!!! Welcome to another exciting edition of ojulewa’s diary. Today I would be sharing my experience on how I found my purpose i.e. How I joined the makeup industry.

For me, leaving my job as a marketer in the banking industry for Makeup artist was a big decision and probably one of the toughest decisions I made. My salary was good and I had the prospect of being a marketing manager in the nearest future but I was still not satisfied with what I was doing at that moment.  I knew that there was more to me than the banking hall, I also realized that if I stayed back in the banking hall, I will not utilize my full potentials and my purpose on earth might not be fulfilled.

When I eventually left the banking industry for the beauty world, I realized that there were so many competitions so I told myself I DARE to be DIFFERENT.  I would be an outstanding Makeup Artist, I would bridge the gap,  I will tour the world, I will break the rules, I will inspire millions to follow their Dreams and be the best they can be.

What Did I do differently? I started the sales and production of Makeup and gele tutorials. In my early days as a makeup artist, I realized that after being taught you still need a guide for constant practice till you are perfect. So, I started a recording session of my makeup and gele classes and put it up for sales. Since then there has been no turning back on the Gele& Makeup DVD production.

Years after this decision, I am living my dreams, it’s a reality, I have had tours in various cities in my country Nigeria. I have toured cities outside the shores of Africa and Now I’m taking the United State of America by Storm. We have even expanded our scope because you can now download my tutorials directly from my website at a subsidized rate. To download click here www.ojulewa.com/shop

In the spirit of expansion I made a quick stop at Global Ultra Logistics and they are ready to ship our DVD and Gele all over the United State of America.

Take this with you as I end today’s post: Never underestimate yourself, Live your dream, Beleive in You because you are all you’ve got.

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