Diary Series: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey Beautiful,

It’s Thanksgiving day over here and I truly have a lot to be grateful for. God has been really faithful to me and I can’t but express my gratitude to him. I think we as Nigerians should inculcate this act as a nation. In the other news something significant happened to me yesterday and in the midst of it all, I discovered that God was trying to pass a message across to me. Here is my story:

Yesterday I flagged a taxi and headed straight to the Airport. As soon as I highlighted from the taxi, I went to the airline booth, got my boarding pass and went through security point, and to the Boarding gate. It was quite a long queue and I thought to myself that the people in front are so lucky because they will soon get inside the plane and settled down. After a while, it got to my turn as I gave my boarding pass to the Airline assistant, she said “Ma, you’re in the wrong queue and your flight just LEFT” I froze.

In my head, I was like aha! Noo!! What would I do now? I saw my flight go off,  I felt like running after it ( if it were possible I would have 😂). I was going to Chicago and I queued up for a long time at the wrong Gate. After much grumbling, I decided to cross check my boarding pass and there Gate 14 was boldly written on it, whereas I stood at Gate 15 the whole time. So I missed my flight to Chicago, God so good I was put on the next flight.

As I sat back yesterday in New Jersey in’ God waiting Room’  the Holy Spirit laid this in my Heart to Share with you. This for someone out there reading this right now. You know I love you plenty innit.

Beautiful people, these are the lessons I learned from this experience;

  1. We’re unique, I can’t run your Race, you can’t run mine, we have unique purpose on Earth, I can’t have your talents and gifts, you can’t have mine either, if we bear this in mind, we will be happier, envy less, life will be easier and we will support each other knowing ‘ We have our Unique calling’.
  2. I also realized that we would be held accountable for how the gifts and talents were managed.  so if you are in the wrong path/queue, it is time for you to reroute and get back on track today, don’t delay further God is waiting for you.

Good afternoon to my people in Chicago,  I’m Live in your City. The weather is beautiful here because it’s really chilled. I am looking forward to an eventful thanksgiving and an unforgettable gele session with you all on Friday. But you never told me your city was this cold o.

Till my next post

***Hugs and kisses***

Voice Of Gele