Hello baes!!!  How has your week been? Today I would be exploring the different kind of makeup brush that we have and their uses for the benefit of those having a hard time purchasing the right brush and for those who don’t know the function of each of these brushes.

A professional makeup brush set is a must have for any cosmetic lover who is aiming to achieve a flawless look. A set of makeup brushes can help you achieve a whole variety of look and it is important to know the functionality of each of these brushes. As much as makeup is trendy a whole lot of people have not still bought into the idea of using the right makeup brush. I got talking with a friend recently and she told me that people still use their fingers as an eye shadow applicator *rolling eyes*.

Today I would just be telling you about the most useful brushes you should have in your makeup bag.

FOUNDATION BRUSHES:This brush is a must have if you are aiming for a flawless look. Foundation brushes are of two types. “The Tapered foundation brush” has flexible bristles and gently tapered edges making it a perfect brush for applying and blending liquid and cream foundations. “The Rounded foundation brush” has densely packed bristles and it distributes product evenly.

TAPERED BRUSHTapered foundation brushROUNDED BRUSH


BEAUTY BLENDER: This is not necessarily a brush but it is a must have makeup tool, this can be used as an alternative to the foundation brush. A beauty blender is perfect for applying liquid foundations, concealers, and any other makeup product; it helps you achieve a smooth and flawless finish on your face.beuty blender

POWDER BRUSHES: Powder brushes are usually big and fluffy with plenty bristles to pick up loose powder. The most important thing to look out for when picking a powder brush in the market is to find a brush that is very soft, fluffy but not too dense. A good powder brush can also double as a blush brush because the soft, round head is great for sweeping on powder blush.

Mac brush

This is a powder brush by MAC. This brush is great for many purposes. I use it for applying setting powder all over the face and for applying blush.The brush can also be used for applying bronzer on the face.

FAN BRUSH: This brush is used for sweeping on highlighting or bronzing powder for the soft- focus effect. It can also be used for sweeping away excess powder off your face without disrupting the rest of your makeup.

Fan brush

CONTOUR BRUSH: This brush is used is used to apply highlighter to your cheekbones and bronzer to contour your cheeks, jaw lines, and temples.


EYE SHADOW BRUSH: Eyeshadow brushes are a must if you are keen on achieving a perfect eye makeup. An eye shadow brush is used for the overall application and blending of eye shadow. These brushes are of various types and they have specific uses. “The Crease brush” is used for highlighting the socket line of the eye and it helps to add depth to your eye makeup look,  while “the creamy shadow brush” is perfect for blending cream shadows into the eyelid. This brush can also be used for blending eye shadow onto smaller areas of the eye.


This Sigma Basic Eyes Kit is the best eyeshadow brush set. The set consists of an eyeliner brush,pencil brush,tapered brush, eye shading brush, large shader brush, small angled brush, and medium shading brush.

So that’s all I have on brushes….for now. I would gladly share with you when I discover something new about the brushes that I use. Feel free to add your contributions, I’m excited about hearing from you.

Till I come your way again Stay Beautiful!!!