AFRICAN HEAD WRAP (GELE) By Ajayi Kemisola Elizabeth

Head wrap have been in existence as far back as 1700. It has been part of Africans history and different cultures for years which comes in many shapes and sizes. African gele wrap is made up of colourful cloths where you can get any colour of design you want as long
as it is the correct material for gele .

I believe gele is a wonderful way of connecting to culture and history,if am not mistaken. Gele originated from the yorubas (right). Nevertheless, the colours of head wraps have different meanings and also the  men head wrap i.e Fila is different from the
women head wrap “Gele” It is said, that some cultures used Gele before the day of slavery, so that men could show off their wealth and the level of their social status.  Women used it as a proof of their wealth and also for spiritual purposes.

The great thing that intrigues me about our African head wrap is the fact that you can adjust it to whatever suits your personality.